The Mission Continues

THE MISSION CONTINUES The Mission Continues is a two-week series about God’s mission for us and how our church can take part in it.


GENERATIONSHIP Generationship speaks of the relationship between two generations. Our heart is for multiple generations to cultivate a partnership in seeking, obeying, and prioritizing God even when landscapes and seasons change.

A Father’s Heart

A FATHER'S HEART A Father's Heart is a message based on Psalm 128. At the end of this message, we will be able to celebrate, commemorate, and honor the role of fathers and recognize their godly influence in our homes and society.

Beauty in Strength

BEAUTY IN STRENGTH This Mother's Day, we're talking about strength and bravery as seen in the life of Jochebed, the mother of Moses.


PERSPECTIVE From what lens do we see the world and everything happening around us? In this series, we will look at our situation today from the perspective - one that is unmoved and unshaken. God is our Shepherd.


UNITE Unite is a preaching message lifted from Unite 714, a global prayer movement calling churches to pray together in light of COVID-19.

A New Hope

A NEW HOPE A New Hope is a five-week series that talks about Christ's sacrifice and how it allowed us to take part in His mission. In this series, we will strengthen our faith in the finished work of Christ for our salvation, and we will be empowered to boldly proclaim His gospel. [...]

The Gospel Explained

THE GOSPEL EXPLAINED At the end of this series, we will have a clearer understanding of the power of the Gospel and its implications for our lives through studying the book of Romans. [...]

On A Journey

ON A JOURNEY As we look into the life of Jesus, the perfect example of discipleship, we want to be encouraged to follow God, fish for people, and fellowship with others.

Amazing Grace

AMAZING GRACE The goal of this series is to present a theological, biblical, and practical view of grace that results in a deeper appreciation and experience of God’s amazing and life-transforming grace.