Forward Together


Hope Has Come

HOPE HAS COME At the end of this series, we will be able to relate the when and the why of Jesus’ coming. This would lead to active demonstration and accurate proclamation of the Gospel as we recognize the importance of Jesus’ birth specifically in that era. [...]

Imago Dei

IMAGO DEI After this series, we will have a biblical understanding of who we are as humans made in the image of God resulting in greater clarity amidst the world’s confusion on gender, appreciation for how God created all people, joy in pursuing God’s calling, and living a life of worship to our [...]



Want More?

WANT MORE? At the end of the series, we will have a biblical understanding of money that will result in a life of greater faith, contentment, and generosity.


METRO At the end of the series we will be aware of our progress in missions and be inspired to commit and continue to pray, give and go.

Here & Now

HERE & NOW At the end of this series, we will have a clearer grasp of what the kingdom of God / kingdom of heaven is, inspiring us to be kingdom minded so that we will persevere in our faith, be more missional in our outlook in life producing a positive impact where [...]

Grace Changes Everything

GRACE CHANGES EVERYTHING An encounter with Jesus transforms one’s life and makes an impact in a community, even in the most broken situations. This series doesn’t choose between being ministerial and missional. It shows that an encounter with Jesus is both. [...]

No Filter

NO FILTER The objective of this series is to bring us, especially the next generation, back to the true source of identity and purpose—God. This series will challenge the current ideas of this world that tell us to look within ourselves for identity and purpose. This worldview is appealing at first, but it [...]

Church Trademark

CHURCH TRADEMARK At the end of this series we, the church, shall be marked by a Gospel-shaped lifestyle by the grace of God and through the empowerment of the Holy-Spirit.