2018 Year End Series Break


Christmas Eve Worship Service


Rediscovering Christmas

REDISCOVERING CHRISTMAS As we reflect on the different Biblical perspectives on the birth of Christ, we shall see a complete image of the nature and purpose of incarnation which will lead us to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas, and compel us to worship God and participate in the advancement of His Kingdom. [...]

All That Matters

ALL THAT MATTERS At the end of this series, we will have a clear understanding of what Jesus taught about money that will result in a life of faith, stewardship, and generosity.

The Story of Us

THE STORY OF US After this series, we will have a biblical understanding of who we are as humans made in the image of God resulting in greater clarity amidst the world’s confusion, appreciation for how God created all people, joy in pursuing God’s calling, and living a life of worship to our Creator. [...]


THE BEAT At the end of the series, we will be aware of our progress in missions and be inspired to commit and continue to pray, give and go.


UNWAVERING At the end of this series, we will appreciate the faith journey of Abraham, and we will choose to learn and live the same life of faith.


RENEW Renew is a series for our people to know that the gospel addresses life's issues and to be inspired to preach this same gospel to others so that they too can experience wholeness, healing, and victory.


BEYOND At the end of this series, we will exercise our faith for the next generation causing us to look beyond our own lifetimes, responding in faith over fear, and blessing the next generation with our words and resources.

2018 Mid Year Prayer and Fasting

2017 Prayer and Fasting